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The anhamm spillbarrier

Fully automatic retention of floods, heavy rain, and storm water, independent of external energies and electricity.

Step 1

Escaping liquid is captured across the entire opening by the barrier gates basin.

Step 2

The barrier gate is automatically raised by the escaping liquid.

Step 3

Specially-designed springs lift the barrier gate into its tightly sealed position.

Fully automatic protection of floods and storm water trough the anhamm spillbarrier

Ensuring long-term protection of property and safety through purely automatic activation, devoid of electrical energy sources, guarantees reliability even in extreme situations.

After de-escalation of the threat, it is possible to promptly restore the anhamm spillbarrier to its operational state.

Effective retention of water volumes

Through efficient integration into the drainage channel, anhamm spillbarriers offer permanent flood protection for both public and private facilities, offering comfortable and long-term protection. Activation occurs only in the face of threatening water volumes, with an immediate response time leading to complete isolation.

Various Integration Possibilities of Flood Retention through the anhamm spillbarrier

The implementation of fully automated flood protection measures using integrated anhamm spillbarriers at building entrances presents a highly effective solution for safeguarding both material assets and the well-being of individuals from the threatening impacts of flood events.

Through the strategic integration of anhamm spillbarriers directly at building access points, a proactive barrier is established, which automatically seals off entrances and driveways without the need for electricity or external energy sources.

Installation of the anhamm spillbarrier

The anhamm spillbarrier is supplied as a verified, and pre-configured unit. Its implementation is efficient, due to minimal time effort and expertise.

Product Name
anhamm Spillbarrier
Production standards
TÜV-Nord (RW-TÜV9.1.1. LÖWR1/99), § 19 L WHG
AISI 304 stainless steel
0.7 - 50m, 2.29 - 164 ft. passage width // 0.3 - 2.70m, 0.98 - 8.8 ft. sealing height
72 hours; RW-TÜV, DMT approved
Activ in
38 countries worldwide
Wheel load
3,25 t, 3.58 U.S t
SmartBarrier function #getnotified, ATEX
Certified by