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to the gallery of the water spillbarrier, discover some of the over 3500 installed units, and the diverse applications of fully automated water protection.

Placement of the water spillbarrier in front of building entrances ensures that even parking lots and open storage areas for goods are protected from assaulting water masses.

Flood management of underground garages and parking structures implemented at entrances and exits is fully and automatically facilitated by the water spillbarrier, preventing potential impacts of a water assault.

The anhamm spillbarrier protects public facilities such as subway entrances from the consequences of heavy rain and flooding, ensuring protection free from electricity dependence.

Long-term defense against aquatic attacks on buildings to safeguard structures, people, and property, facilitated by the water spillbarrier.

The water spillbarrier can be customized to accommodate gradients of up to 12 percent, ensuring a high degree of adaptability to specific requirements and conditions.