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to the gallery of the chemical spillbarrier. Discover fully automatic retention of chemicals, chemically contaminated liquids and/or extinguishing water.

Long-term protection of valuables and persons by the anhamm spillbarrier, free of electrical energy, ensures sustainable reliability.

The integration of safety into everyday life is crucial. By implementing the chemical spillbarriers at passages and accesses of any kind, an effective complete partitioning of a single warehouse is achieved. This effectively prevents liquids from leaving their origin.

Fully automatic liquid retention device, which is ready for operation in the long term and around the clock regardless of external energy source.

Even after years, the function of the anhamm spillbarriers is not affected by extreme temperatures, e.g. cooling chambers.

The anhamm spillbarrier accompany your factory traffic comfortably and without interference. Proven and certified, the anhamm spillbarrier is the most popular liquid barrier of industry.