Chemicals stop! - Anhamm Spill Barrier

Environmental Protection!

The patented function of the automatic Anhamm safety spill barrier ensures reliable sealing and retention of chemicals, hazardous substances, flammable liquids, extinguishing water and chemically contaminated and/or water-polluting liquids.

The Anhamm spill barrier works fully automatically, without external energy and without sensors. In addition to extinguishing water retention, leaks and escaping liquids are collected and effectively limited.

Secure your production facilities, storage rooms and hazardous materials stores with the Anhamm spill barrier as an extinguishing water retention system.

  • Activation of the spill barrier without external energy

    Automatic activation of the barrier through incoming liquids.

    No external energy sources are required: no electrics, no pneumatics, no hydraulics.

    No sensors and no connection to sprinkler or fire alarm systems necessary.

  • High-quality material guarantees durability

    Standard use of 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel.

    The PTFE coating makes the gasket highly resistant to chemicals and aging.

    ATEX protection possible without additional costs, since no electrics are used.

  • Manufacturing and Installation

    The Anhamm safety spill barrier is delivered as a complete assembly unit. It is individually manufactured to the respective planning case – whether for new buildings or refurbishments.

    Floor-level installation – therefore easy to drive over with forklift, trucks, etc. No ramps and sleepers guarantee unhindered factory traffic.

    Due to the sandwich construction highly loadable (3.25 tons wheel load tested by TÜV Nord according to DIN 1055).

  • No operating costs - low maintenance costs

    The spill barrier is triggered purely mechanically. Provided proper maintenance is carried out, the Anhamm fire-fighting water and chemical retention system does not incur any operating costs.

    Maintenance work and costs mainly consist of cleaning and a manual function test.

    The mechanical function simplifies the repair on site.

  • Can be used for the retention of hazardous substances

    The Anhamm spill barrier has already been approved several times by the authorities as hazardous substance retention.
    Please contact us for further information.

  • Everything from one source

    We develop, manufacture and assemble our spill barriers.

    Conversion or new construction – the spill barriers are adapted to the individual conditions and installed by us on request.

    Regular testing and monitoring of production by TÜV-Nord (type designation: RW-TÜV9.1.1. LÖWR1/99).

    We are a specialist company according to § 19 L WHG.

Certified by TÜV-Nord and fire test of DMT-Gesellschaft

The Anhamm spill barrier could successfully pass the high test standards of the German test group RW-TÜV.

There was a

  • Independent 72-hour leak test,
  • a functional test with various liquids that had different densities and viscosities and
  • a durability test with 200,000 passes.

The Anhamm hinged bulkhead has passed all test series (including a fire test by DMT Gesellschaft, 35 min. at approx. 730° C (app. 1400°F) without any problems. The spill barrier was subsequently found to be passable, functional and absolutely leakproof.

The spill barrier can be driven over and allows unobstructed factory traffic.

Technical information and data sheets

The Anhamm spill barrier is delivered in a complete unit and installed in a floor recess.

After the spill barrier has been aligned in the correct position, the posts are dowelled to the wall on each side and connected in a liquid-tight manner.

Next, the cavities between the hinged bulkhead and the floor are filled around with special grout.

The Anhamm system requires no external power and no external connections to function automatically. No control cabinet or similar installations are necessary.

We offer the following dimensions

Sealing height:
0.30 m (12″) to 2.00 m (80″)

Sealing width
0.50 m (20″)  to 30.00 m (100′)

Architects | Planners | Investors

  • Ground level installation allows easy planning
  • No further planning of cables, pipings or connections required
  • Flexibility of dimensions
  • Drawings in .dxf and PDF format already possible when submitting an offer
  • Meets ATEX standard
  • Individual approval as hazardous substance retention possible

Tenant | User | Owner

  • Low maintenance (mainly cleaning)
  • No operating costs
  • Free traffic routes
  • Low risk of collision due to installation in the ground
  • Also suitable for the retention of hazardous substances, products and leaks
  • PTFE Seal: Chemical resistant
  • Stainless steel 1.4301

Operator | Fire fighters

  • Autonomous triggering even in the event of a power failure
  • No false alarms
  • Escape routes free until liquid reaches door/gate
  • Mechanical triggering provides additional benefits for retaining chemicals (product retention) and liquids in the event of leaks
  • Fire test tested
  • At least 72h Tightness after approx. 35 minutes of firing at at at least 700°C


Technical information

For information

Two-page information sheet with technical details on function, installation and delivery.

Tendering texts

Spill barrier and floor recess

Tendering texts for the spill barrierand the floor recess.

Technical Drawings

Sample Drawings .pdf & .dxf

1200mm x 300mm
3550mm x 300mm


Installation and maintenance

Instructions to the installation, functiuon and maintenance of the spill barrier.

Inquiry & Contact

Would you like to make an enquiry? Do you have any questions about our products?

We will be happy to support you with your project and make you an individual offer. Or support you in any means.

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