Water Stop!

Flood protection!

Patented Functioning

1. Escaping liquid is captured
2. The barrier gate is automatically raised
3. Spring lift the barrier gate into its position

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First, escaping liquid is captured across the entire opening by the barrier gates basin …
Second, the barrier gate is automatically raised by the escaping liquid …
Finally, specially-designed springs lift the barrier gate into its tightly sealed position.

Installation and Service

– Complete Installation or support
– Technical drawings

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The Anhamm barrier is delivered in one single unit and is positioned in the ground pit. After the barrier is adjusted to the correct position, the piers of the unit are bolted to the wall on either side. Next, mortar is poured into the recess beneath and surround the unit. The Anhamm design does not not need any external power supply or any other external connection. No switchgear cabinets or similar installations are needed.

Maintenance-Free Simplicity

The key to Anhamm Spillbarriers are their simplicity! Customers world-wide love the easy-to-use, easy-to-test reliability. All mechanical parts are maintenance-free and only require simple cleaning around the barrier gate. And the barrier, regardless of size, can easily be tested manually.


We do all the service that is needed to make the anhamm spillbarrier.